Some of the contents here are images or design layouts I created while working at McGraw-Hill/Osborne, and as such, are under either their copyright, or the copyright of the author who wrote the book, or the photographer who took the original picture. Before using any of thess images, I suggest you get permission from the company or author.


Color Inserts:

These were 8- to 16-page inserts crafted and designed in Corel Ventura. While most of the art I worked on at McGraw-Hill was simple, black-white/grayscale 1-color imagery, these inserts were 4-color CMYK, and some had a fifth color (spot color or PMS--Pantone Matching System--color), usually as a background.

Posters were made for various reasons, including an advertisement for a new chip by Supertex, a 5th annual Independant Film Festival, and a small retail store


Here are where you will find links to my work using Maya. As I continue to build, more will be added to this page. At the momment, you will probablly find 2 or 3 character walk/run cycles and some scenery videos.

Lineart and Blueprints:

Lineart includes a wide variety of vector art created in CorelDraw (with the occasional assistance of AutoCAD) while I was at McGraw-Hill. Some are simple diagrames, while others are closer to serious depictions/renderings of objects when we didn't have a photo to work from. Some of the source material was more than a little challenging to interpret.
Blueprints were an offshoot type of vector/line art. These were inserts created in CorelDraw. The feature that made these more difficult is that all line placement had to be much more precise to accomodate the background texture image.


From time to time, I've worked on old photos for people who wanted to salvage a "well loved" photo that hasn't stood up to the rigors of life as well as if it had been framed or otherwise better cared for. Sometimes simply the age of the photo was the challenge, while other times is was the size. Other projects are simply a montage of photos to create something new from multiple sources.