Classic Star Trek in Maya

Star Trek: The Classic

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Where to begin? Well, I thought building some Star Trek ships in Maya would be fun. I grew up playing StarFleet Battles by Task Force Games, and still had all the materials on a shelf. And a friend had the StarFleet Technical Manual published in 1975, so I went to work. Doing research, I discovered there is some (vigorous) disagreement as to what is and isn't cannon. Well, not to get into it, but I don't care. This is what I build. For FUN. Because I could. Imagine what I could build for you if you paid me to.

The Federation

aka The United Federation of Planets. Yeah, the humans (and their allies) of the Star Trek TV shows. These are the classic ships of the 1966-1969 tv show era. Not everything was a clone of The Enterprise. "There are only 12 like her in the fleet". So what are the rest? Well, working from the StarFleet Technical Manual, the warp engines are the most consistant factor. For these ships, the engine designs are the same (though the angle changes). Scouts and Destroyers have one engine, Cruisers and Tugs have 2, and the Dreadnoughts have 3. Other ships from StarFleet Battles have smaller engines (and saucers), but those have to wait. The "Saucer sections" (Primary Hulls) are mostly the same, except for the Dreadnought. After building the Scout, I decided to rebuild the saucers for the other ships rather than reusing. I think the result is an improvement.

Federation Scout Classic Series Credits (original StarTrek TV series theme) Demo Reel       14 MB
Exploration--Scout of Boe ("Boe" from "Doctor Who: Series 3" soundtrack) Scout of Boe       60MB
A saucer section with a single warp engine, only 2 phasers, and no torpedoes. It does, however, have vastly superior sensors.
Federation Destroyer Animations in the works
The Destroyer and Scout are almost identical. The Destroyer carries the same weapons as a heavy cruiser, but standard sensors. And only one warp engine to power everything.
Federation Heavy Cruiser Excelsior Story Part 1       137 MB
The classic "Constitution Class" Enterprise. In this case, NCC-1718 Excelsior.
Music is "This is Gallifrey" from Doctor Who Series 3 Soundtrack.
Federation Heavy Cruiser Upgrade Excelsior Story Part 2       139 MB
Constitution Class Movie upgrade and refit. Continuing the story from before, with a slight recap.
Music is "This is Gallifrey" from Doctor Who Series 3 Soundtrack.
Federation Tug Cassini Tug      44 MB
The Tug is just that: a ship that tows other objects. I've built 3 different pods: the Cargo pod, the Starliner(passenger) pod, and the Battle pod. The design is a classic saucer with two warp engines hanging down from pylons on the sides, with a neck that has a docking collar that attaches to the pods, which then functions as a secondary hull.
Music is "Gridlocked Cassinis" from Doctor Who Series 3 Soundtrack.
Federation Dreadnought Demo Reel      19 MB
Opening Credit Sequence again. This is the big ship. Larger saucer section, larger secondary hull, and three warp engines.
Andromeda      72 MB
Set to "U.N.I.T" from Doctor Who Series 1 and 2 Soundtrack, the Dreadnought Andromeda heads out to deal with some pesky klingons who are harrassing a space station.
Federation Space Station Deep Space Station K-5      79 MB.
Deep Space Station K7 and a modified version can be seen in the Cassini Tug video.
Based on Deep Space Station K-7 from the classic series episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".
Federation Starbase Animations in the works. It can be seen in the Cassini Tug video.
The Starbase is designed to be impressive. How big is it? Each one of the six outer pods is designed to handle three starships (even if all three are Dreadnoughts). As for the main hub... Yes, it is even bigger. A starbase is a major investment in resources. It is best to remember where you build them and not to lose track of them due to stellar drift.

The Klingon Empire

aka The baddies. Whether they have speedbumps on their foreheads or not, their ship designs aren't that different. In fact, I think we only ever see four different designs in the various TV shows and movies. Fortunately, TFG's SFB also had a line of lead miniatures. Ships are currently 'in progress'
Klingon D7 Battlecruiser Animations in the works. Does appear in the Scout of Boe, Andromeda and Cassini Tug.
THE main ship of the Klingon Fleet. Or at least, the only one we actually see. A bunch were sold to the Romulan Star Empire.


The Romulan Star Empire

or "When Vulcans get in touch with their feelings."
Romulan Warbird Light Cruiser Prelude to "Balance of Terror." Music if from "The 6th Day".     The song is titled "The 6th Day"
Romulan Sparrowhawk Cruiser Excelsior Story Part 2       139 MB. Music if from "Doctor Who Series 3".     The song is titled "This Is Gallifrey, Our Home"

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