I'm great fun around Halloween

Here is a collection of make-up projects, each with its own set of complexities

First, my Cheshire Cat, consisting of four Latex prostetics, a ventilated wig, and a big smile. This was the first time I ever dyed my hair.

A friend wanted to be The Emperor from Starwars for a party. I had to turn a young, dark, round face into an old, shriveled, bleached, sagging face. This isn't as easy as it sounds.


My Mutant/Siberian Were-Tiger/X-men outfit: The head is 5 pieces: Face, Chin, Ears, and Cap. The Cap and Ears were purchased pieces I glued fur to. The Face and Chin were built from a mold of my face, with fur glued on and whiskers sewn in. the hands and feet were fabric, stuffed in areas, with claws sewn in and pads added.


This was a commisioned piece. I was asked to make a Jack-in-the-Box "Jack" head for an independant short film. The film got shelved, but the man behind it liked the mask. I used a beach ball and plaster to mold a sphere, then filled it in with bondo and reenforcted it with wire. Then it was sanded smooth and painted.


Then I added the hat and face. It's impossible to see while wearing the piece, but it was fun to work on.

Here's a photo of me working make-up crew for the independant feature movie, "My Dead Uncle's Band." Within the movie is a short film titled "Scary-a-go-go." I got to turn a friend into a vampire. Indoor shots were filmed before lunch. I had to redo most of the make-up afterward for the outdoor shots. It was a hot day outside, and he was stuck wearing layers, including a black cloak. Fortunately, there were no complications.

I was recently invited to work on a StarWars fanfilm that needed help with make-up and other areas. It was not a bad project. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results.
One of the cast needed to be turned into a near-human alien. Here's a progression of images:

and the final result:

Another person was done in similar, but different make-up. I will post a link to the actual film soon.

And there you have it.

I'm willing to do special projects on request, but time constraints are important considerations: I can't create 15 individually skulpted prostetics on 3-hours notice. "Basic corrective" on 15 people, however, can be done.